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Southern Hills Farm

We took the kids out to Southern Hills Farm for the first time this week. It was a cute place!

The kids had fun on the playground. Leo and Alia cut some flowers to take home (Alia said picking flowers in a field was something she’s “always wanted to do”, so of course we had to.) The boys found sticks to carry around, Leo had to empty sand from his shoes at least 12 times, and Kjersti slept in the sling just about our whole time there. 

It feels nice and fallish to go someplace farm-like with pumpkins this time of year, and we all enjoyed it. The weather was beautiful too, not hot at all, which was a big plus!

I think next year we might go on a Saturday – they have a lot more kids activities on the weekend. There were so many picnic tables around you could definitely pack a picnic lunch too, which would be fun (they do sell food, but pretty much just burgers, hot dogs, and sweets – prices were reasonable though, and the treats looked good 🙂 )

All the photos that I’m in were taken by Kaden – I taught him how to use a DSLR this summer, and he’s having fun with it!

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