Green Meadows

Today was our 5th annual trip to Green Meadows! (2015, 2014, 2013, & 2012.) The kids have so much fun, they look forward to it all year.

20161020-DSC_6471After her first time milking a cow.
20161020-DSC_6483 20161020-DSC_6486 In line for a pony ride.20161020-DSC_6491 20161020-DSC_651020161020-DSC_6609 Leo’s first train ride <320161020-DSC_6571 20161020-DSC_6611 20161020-DSC_6614 The baby chicks are sooo sweet & soft!20161020-DSC_6645 20161020-DSC_6637 20161020-DSC_6641 Feeding the pot-belly pig.20161020-DSC_6680 20161020-DSC_6697 20161020-DSC_6718 20161020-DSC_6843 20161020-DSC_6867 20161020-DSC_6782 20161020-DSC_6812 20161020-DSC_6810 20161020-DSC_6802 20161020-DSC_6779

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