Katelyn Heather

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morning musings

The other week Landon was in the hospital (he broke his hand & had to have surgery, but thankfully is recovering rapidly & well), so I made the kids chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, just for a fun way to start the day. I snapped this picture before I sat down to eat, & I love the moment in it. All my babies. Chocolate chip  ...

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the holiday season

Now that Thanksgiving is complete & we can really dive into Christmas, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. My favorites are baking treats, Christmas jammies on my babies, Christmas music all day long, Christmas books to cuddle up & read, twinkly lights all over our house. It’s so much fun. I can never get enough of  ...

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Holidays, Photography

Christmas babies

I love these three a whole lot. This little man is mobile now – I set him on his blanket & in the time it takes me to walk over to the kitchen he’s made it across the room over to the Christmas tree – to try & eat the branches of course 😉  

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