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family portraits

We had these pictures taken when Leo was 10 days old. I was saying yesterday that he outgrew looking like a “newborn” around 6 weeks, he’s all “baby” in his looks now, so the photos of when he’s super tiny are even more special. He looks so blond in some of these, his hair has definitely taken more of a  ...

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baby’s first bath

I still remember giving Kaden his first bath, he hated it so much. He screamed the entire time, it was really terrible. Kaden’s second bath was given by Mimi & Papa and it went so much better, I decided from then on to outsource my baby’s first baths to the pros 😉 Leo had his first bath last week. He was a little unsure about  ...

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Holidays, Life

4th of July

I love the 4th of July. If Memorial Day is like the kickoff of summer and Labor Day is the finale, the 4th of July is the grand climactic celebration of all the greatness summertime has to offer.  For us that meant the best of summer foods, going to the parade downtown, a “water fight”, games, and fireworks in the field before  ...

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