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Christmas Fun

Christmastime is craaazy fast. My mom says it’s because Thanksgiving was so late this year. I hope so, but I’m thinking it also has something to do with having 4 children, and the way each day flies. Landon was saying the other day that he is not ready for Christmas already next week. I said “I know, it’s crazy, and it is fast, but on the  ...

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Holidays Around the World

We spent the day at Epcot on Saturday. We’ve gone at Christmastime most years since we moved here in 2006 – it’s such fun to see their Holidays Around the World. We’ve never been on a Saturday before, and I would suggest going on a weekday if possible – it was definitely more full this time. But it was a beautiful day and still  ...

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I love photos of the four of our kids together. It reminds me of photos of the four of my siblings and myself together, and makes me think of all the future photos we’ll have of the four of them – christmases, vacations, graduations, weddings. It’s nice to be one of four. 

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