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We took these pictures on Mother’s Day, & I’ve been meaning to post them since!

I’ve also been meaning to share about this sling I got from the nicest shop on Etsy.20170514-DSC_575920170514-DSC_572520170514-DSC_5834
I wrote about babywearing & ring slings back when Alia was tiny over here. It’s a lengthy post, but what it boils down to is if you have a baby, you really need a ring sling. They’re so versatile, from newborn to toddler, it’s in my top 3 baby essentials for sure (the others I would say are diapers & a good camera 😉 )

Before Leo was born I had several Sakura Bloom ring slings, which I really like. I hoped to find something more economically priced this time around though, so ordered a few from Etsy. One shop I ordered from I was really not thrilled with. Although the sling I got was much cheaper than the ones I had, it was nowhere near as soft. And for something I’m going to be wearing my newborn in every day, I really want something comfortable & soft for both of us.

However, I ordered a silk sling from another shop, Li’l Peeper Keepers, and it was perfect. It’s every bit as nice as any of the slings I have, was very well priced, and what I loved best of all was I got to customize it!20170514-DSC_584020170514-DSC_5803 20170514-DSC_5863

I chose ivory & gold, with gold rings, because I knew I wanted to wear it to Clarissa’s wedding in March & it would go with my bridesmaid dress & her wedding colors. Now that the wedding’s over & I’m not so worried about spilling food or something on it, I wear it all the time.20170514-DSC_5691 20170514-DSC_5688 20170514-DSC_5746

Rebecca, the shop owner, was so kind and accommodating with all of my questions concerning style and color options. Plus she’s a stay-at-home homeschool mother to 8 who sews the slings in her home, and it just feels good to support a nice family business like that.

I highly recommend her shop, Li’l Peeper Keepers, to anyone in the market for a ring sling 🙂20170514-DSC_5988

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