scenes from summer

I feel like summer barely started, and now here we are in August! On one hand we are really looking forward to cooler weather coming this fall, but on the other so enjoying the relaxed lazy pace of summer days. Here’s some scenes from our house lately…

Avocado dinner. Leo likes to feed himself. He always eats with his left hand too, maybe have another lefty??20170705-DSC_3707 20170705-DSC_3710 20170705-DSC_3717 Brothers. These two are the best pals. It’s been fun watching brothers develop. I’ve never seen brothers first hand, as my family had 3 girls & 1 boy. K & Leo love to wrestle. Leo is obsessed with Nerf guns already (at one?!?) I’m glad these two boys have each other.20170709-DSC_3728 First sewing project! The kids have been asking to learn to sew for a long time, finally got around to it during Leo’s naptime the other week.20170712-DSC_3742 20170712-DSC_3749 20170712-DSC_3751 Summers are for reading.20170712-DSC_3761 When the playroom is clean, it feels worthy of documenting in a photo.20170712-DSC_3776I will never get tired of sweet sleeping baby photos.
20170715-DSC_3783 20170715-DSC_3824-2Leo is a banana fanatic. When he spots them on the kitchen counter he screams “banana!” and starts pointing & frantically signing “more”.
20170715-DSC_3840 Kaden made our family out of Lego mini figures, & found a Lego camera for “mom”. He cracks me up.20170716-DSC_3890 20170716-DSC_3891 Leo is normally the happiest baby, unless he finds the plastic toy bananas at Mimi’s house, which make him think of real bananas, which makes him very upset if he isn’t currently eating one.20170716-DSC_3958 20170716-DSC_3962 20170716-DSC_3963 20170716-DSC_3964 Back to smiles.20170718-DSC_4014 20170718-DSC_4031Alia’s asked to start making her own PB&J’s. She thinks it’s lots of fun. They end up very heavy on the J.
20170718-DSC_4047 20170718-DSC_4053 Getting these two to quit telling stories and go to sleep can be a challenge sometimes. I don’t really mind though, because making up songs & giggling about stories is worth more than an hour of sleep sometimes.20170719-DSC_4076Just before a storm sometimes it’s cool enough to head out to the backyard for half an hour before the rain starts.
20170720-DSC_4112 20170720-DSC_4123 20170720-DSC_4171 20170720-DSC_4191 It’s Leo’s favorite place to be ❤️

20170720-DSC_4195 20170720-DSC_4196

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