Katelyn Heather


1st grade & Pre-K

We’ve wrapped up our second year of homeschool back in May, so the kids will officially be going into 2nd grade and kindergarten this fall! I wanted to share a handful of our favorite resources we came across in this year of homeschooling. Simply Charlotte Mason Bible/History/Geography This was my favorite “curriculum” we  ...

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Life, Photography

Leo Walter

Leo got his first pair of shoes from Mimi & Papa this week, and had the cutest outfit to go with it. I just had to get some pictures of him wearing it after church 🙂 Leo loved his shoes so much, when we tried the first one on to see if it fit, he was so happy & signed “more” until we put the second one on him. He wore them  ...

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In May we spent a week at Seaside with my family. It was fun to visit the beach and explore the town, but the best part of all was just spending time together. My favorites were playing games (Quiplash!), having my sister braid my & Alia’s hair all sorts of cool ways, watching Leo experience the ocean for the first time (he loved it so  ...

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