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Lake Louisa State Park

Every once in awhile you gotta get out of the house. I don’t feel that way often (I’m a homebody, introvert, and love it that way) but yesterday afternoon we were all on the verge of losing it.  The kids were going nuts, I was going nuts. We needed to go somewhere they could be wild + free. Landon was driving home so I text to ask him to  ...

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Holidays, Life

Kjersti’s 1st Birthday

Kjersti’s first birthday was so much fun 🙂  She spent the day opening & enjoying her gifts, and playing with family. She had a wonderful time. Some of my favorite parts of the day were… Watching her play peek a boo on her own for the first time (using her new “enchanted play silk”.) Hearing her new words – “up” and “dog”. And  ...

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Childbirth, Life

Kjersti’s birth story

On Tuesday, September 3, I took a walk with Leo and Alia before bed around 8. It was a little late for Leo, who I like to put to bed around 7-7:30 since he stopped napping earlier this year, but the weather was so nice and cool from Hurricane Dorian being off the coast that I didn’t want to miss it. My mom and dad went with us too. It was  ...

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