Katelyn Heather

50 states

Summer Trip

We spent last weekend in Savannah, and made a little trip over to Hilton Head as well! We made a goal when the kids were little to visit all 50 states with them. We’ve got 11 down so far, so quite a few to go, but we plan to do more when they’re older (& I’m not super pregnant) & we can road trip a little easier 🙂 Some favorites from  ...

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Leo’s 3rd Birthday

Leo turned 3 yesterday! It was a fun day. It’s always my goal in making plans to make the birthday child feel loved and celebrated, and I think he did.  We made avocado toast and smoothies for breakfast, two of his favorites. Then we finished some projects around the house and he helped with the tools. He rode sister’s scooter out front for  ...

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Life, Pregnancy

It’s a….

Baby # 4 is coming to the Perkins family this September! We had our 20 week ultrasound today. I told the kids we’d bring them home balloons to let them know if we’re having a boy or a girl. They were so excited to find out! Leo was telling me all morning “blue balloons if it a boy, pink balloons if it a girl.” Alia has  ...

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