Katelyn Heather


A new chapter

We spent our final night in our house on Jeater Bend. We have rented here just over 4 years. I’m undecided if 4 years felt long, or short. (The kids were so little when we first moved in!) But we’ve loved our time here. Something about moving feels a little sad. Not because I want to stay here, because we’re happy about where we’re  ...

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If we were to live in Oahu, I think (or hope!) it would be in Kailua. It’s just the nicest town with so many cute places to go to, there’s a Whole Foods, & lots of neat town events (we saw concerts there, & hula.) Landon & my siblings were obsessed with Bee & Tea. The Local has the best shave ice I’ve ever had, & their lime  ...

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Life, Natural Living


I have been looking for a way to exercise consistently since Kaden was born. Before kids this was easy. But with kids, working fitness into my days has really been a challenge.  About a year ago my friend Kelly lent me her Piyo DVD’s, and borrowed our T25 DVD set. I tried T25 one time and honestly couldn’t stand it. Some people love it, but I  ...

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