Katelyn Heather

Healthy Eating, Recipe

Vegan Summer

This summer we switched to a vegan diet! There were a handful of reasons, but it’s something I wanted to commit to for the season.  I find it pretty enjoyable trying a new eating plan for 30 or 60 days or whatever. We’ve done Whole30 before too, and with both experiences I really like how it gives clear direction and new ideas for meal  ...

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Alia in Wonderland

Alia turned 6 years old last week and had birthday in Wonderland 💖 She’s been very into Alice in Wonderland since she was introduced to it in Cosmic Kids yoga. We then read book by Lewis Carroll, and have been listening to the audible narration of it by Scarlett Johansson (it’s really good!) One of my favorite things we did was a little  ...

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More Hawaiian adventures

There were so many things to do on Oahu that I could make a list to fill our whole next trip with new places we’d still like to see! Some of our favorite places we did see this trip were Pearl Harbor (Kaden had been looking forward to this for months!), Makapu’u lighthouse trail (which was nice because you could push a stroller but still  ...

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