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I’m so happy to be back editing pictures on a computer! One of the kids fried my laptop with a cup of tea, but thankfully Landon can fix anything, AND had all of my files backed up in Dropbox, so now after a few weeks I’m back up and running! I can’t even imagine if all my photos & videos had been lost. And we just moved them over to  ...

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A great big Christmas post

I decided to take the last month and half of the year off of social media, so here’s a little catch up post of some of my favorite photos the Christmas season 🙂 My favorite things this year were… Eating cookies with Leo (his first time!) Listening to A Christmas Carol audiobook Wrapping presents late at night with Kaden Singing Good King  ...

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Disney, Holidays

Visit to Santa

We saw Santa today at Disney Springs! It’s always such a fun time, and today felt especially Christmasy and magical. I’ve noticed a pattern with our Santa photos, right at about one and a half our kids reach a stage where there’s no way in heck they’re going to let Santa hold them. So then mom and dad end up in those years’ photos too 😛 Leo  ...

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