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Leo is adorable, we all just adore him. I hold him all day, and I love it. Because in a year he’ll be running around and completely adorable, but now he’s my tiny babe and I love him.

I love our snuggles. I love his smiles in his sleep when his dimples show up, and when he laughs. I love his beautiful blue eyes and soft fuzzy red hair. I love the way his head smells and his soft, soft skin. His feet are my favorite. I love his big chunky cheeks, and I really love to kiss them. I love the faces he makes. I love when he looks in my eyes and I feel like our souls connect.

I feel like he knows how much I love him. And I really really do love him. I love that I get to be his mom and we have so much life ahead of us together. I just love him.

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