Faith & Stephen’s Wedding Day

Faith and Stephen got married on Monday! It was an incredible day. They were both so happy and beautiful, you could just about burst with happiness for them.

They got married at October Oaks in Webster, Florida, and it was a perfect wedding venue.

They had this adorable bridal suite for all the girls to get ready in.

Of course I have no pictures of the ceremony. But to try to put it into words, it was beyond anything I had imagined. Like being in a beautiful dream. We were in a gorgeous wood like an enchanted forest, the sun was setting warm through the trees, Faith and Stephen were breathtaking, I mean, I just can’t describe it. It was incredible. The music, everything, was perfect.

I am so excited to see the photos their wedding photographer, Stephanie Dishman got, because the previews she’s posted already are just beyond amazing.

They had a super fun reception after. It was so cold we could see our breath while we were out on the dance floor, but dancing keeps you warm 🙂


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