October 13, 2021

When we asked the kids what they wanted to do in Tennessee, they unanimously voted for another trip to Dollywood (we went for the first time last November.)

Honestly, when Landon used to talk about wanting to take the kids to Dollywood I thought it sounded so cheesy. But I was surprised last year with how much fun we all had! It was a pleasant surprise.

It was a good bit more crowded this year. But from what I’ve read October is peak season in the Smoky Mountains, and November is not. We still had a nice time, but the lines were much longer. The afternoon was pretty hot too. 

The best parts of today were…

Watching Leo’s face light up while we were on the flying swings thing saying “Wow! We can see everything from up here! We can see all of Dollywood!

The train ride through the mountains. (Leo fell asleep – when we got back to the station he said “wow! That was short.” The people behind us laughed and said “that’s cuz you were sleeping.”)

Snuggling Kjersti in her sling on the train ride.


Seeing all the awesome pumpkin displays .

Leo and Kjersti loving their bubble wand.

Watching Kjersti dance and boogie to the Halloween music by the enormous lit up pumpkin tree after dark while Landon had the kids on one more roller coaster. 

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