You are turning THREE tomorrow! How can that be? Sometimes it seems like you were just born, but I feel like we’ve been together for a lifetime. I can not imagine my life without you. I never knew my heart could love someone so much! I utterly adore you. You are wild and crazy and mine.

I hope your birthday is filled with your high pitch happy screams, big belly laughs, and excitement that makes you clench your fists and grit your teeth because there are no words to describe the joy you are feeling.

When I close my eyes, this is how I see you on the eve of turning three…

Stumbling out of the bedroom after just waking up, with your messy bed head and little pooh bear, your pillow, and blanket in your arms. Coming straight to my lap, wherever I am, to be quiet and held.


Looking up and tapping your chin while making a decision. Like what you’d like to eat or what we should do today. You remind me so much of myself sometimes. I hope I’m able to pass on all the good stuff and none of the bad. I promise to do my best.


Running excitedly to talk to your sister in that silly voice you use with her. P.S., she is crazy about you.


Screaming “I want to watch!” as you mad dash into the kitchen every time you see me or dad getting ready to cook. Sliding a chair across the floor to get a good view.


Being mischievous. Dumping water. Spitting almond milk. Chasing Bella. Crushing cheerios. Standing on the counter. Messing with the DVD player. Stealing your sister’s teethers. Walking on books. Throwing toys. Climbing shelves.


Sitting and playing. Puzzles. Legos. Trains. With a pile of books.


Requesting “tuna sammich” (made with canned salmon) for every meal.


Asking me to read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back EVERY night. Sometimes I try to talk you into Ten Apples up on Top or something else instead. You are not easily swayed (me again.) So we read it again ๐Ÿ™‚ (ps, when I tell you to pick one book you say “no five!” You don’t even bother asking for two. It’s a good strategy because I usually compromise & let you choose two or three…) You also like Little Critter a lot. Mimi introduced you to those. I like them because the kids are crazy and the mom gets mad and it’s pretty real ๐Ÿ™‚


Smiling. Laughing. Playing.


There. That’s you. And I love you forever.


Love, Mommy

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