In May we spent a week at Seaside with my family. It was fun to visit the beach and explore the town, but the best part of all was just spending time together.

My favorites were playing games (Quiplash!), having my sister braid my & Alia’s hair all sorts of cool ways, watching Leo experience the ocean for the first time (he loved it so much!), quiet afternoons reading, celebrating Kaden’s 7th & my mom’s 50th birthdays, swinging on the porch swing, eating yummy food, and ice cream!

It was a bit of a bummer that the beach was on red flag warning every day we were there except one, but we had a great time anyway 🙂

Here are some photos!

20170520-DSC_7496 20170520-DSC_7527 20170520-DSC_7574 20170521-DSC_8005 20170524-DSC_9729 20170522-DSC_8196 20170522-DSC_8235 20170522-DSC_8243 20170522-DSC_8354 20170522-DSC_8490To be real, for every moment of your baby at the beach like that ^, there are a few more like this >20170522-DSC_8641 20170522-DSC_8544 20170522-DSC_8608 20170522-DSC_8788 20170522-DSC_8850 20170522-DSC_8875 20170522-DSC_8944 20170522-DSC_8991 20170522-DSC_9181 20170523-DSC_9373 20170523-DSC_9352 20170523-DSC_9381 20170522-DSC_9053 20170523-DSC_9500 20170524-DSC_9748 20170523-DSC_9602 20170524-DSC_9797 20170524-DSC_9827 20170524-DSC_9803 20170524-DSC_9882 20170524-DSC_9892 20170525-DSC_9945 20170526-DSC_0101 20170526-DSC_0106 20170526-DSC_0190 20170526-DSC_0409 20170526-DSC_0421 20170526-DSC_0563

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