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Leo Walter

Leo got his first pair of shoes from Mimi & Papa this week, and had the cutest outfit to go with it. I just had to get some pictures of him wearing it after church 🙂

Leo loved his shoes so much, when we tried the first one on to see if it fit, he was so happy & signed “more” until we put the second one on him. He wore them around the house all afternoon, & looked so adorable ❤️

20170723-DSC_4433 20170723-DSC_4460 20170723-DSC_4395 20170723-DSC_447820170723-DSC_4513 20170723-DSC_4470 20170723-DSC_4498 20170723-DSC_4469 20170723-DSC_448020170723-DSC_445920170723-DSC_4383


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