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Minnesota Apple Orchard

Saturday we flew home from a week in Minnesota ❤️ It was a nice trip, I’m really happy we got to be there, see family, and make all kinds of fun memories with the kids.

On Sunday we took them to an apple orchard. They loved running around, climbing trees, picking, and eating apples.

Leo picked three all by himself – the first one he snatched out of the tree before I even realized what he was doing, and once he’d finished that one, he grabbed two more so he had one in each hand and ate them both, alternating bites between the apples in his right hand & left hand.

The kids loved visiting my Grandpa, running up and rolling down the hill at Grandma’s, and Alia even got to learn how to make homemade applesauce 🙂 Good thing she had her “fall apron” with her, which she insisted on packing just in case she baked anything while we were there 😉

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