Learning to Drive

Once upon a time we bought our car. It has a manual transmission. I don’t know how to drive stick shift. We’ve been talking about Landon teaching me since we got it (2 years ago.)

This weekend I learned.


Through this process I’ve come to realize that driving a stick shift is like driving a car with an attitude. Normal cars don’t stall out in the middle of the street facing oncoming traffic. I’m just saying.

Somehow, with like 89 stall outs & restarts, BOTH kids fell asleep on the ride. AND I made it all the way to Publix.


Sweet laughing.



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  1. Donna

    May 20, 2013 at 10:39 am

    This is too funny! I remember your Grandpa teaching me to drive a straight stick on a country road. I was turning around in a driveway and stalled in the road with a car coming and just froze. It was a good thing we were still dating because he had so much more patience with me then.

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