Why I Homeschool

I feel like there are a million reasons I’m thrilled to be able to educate my kids at home, each as meaningful to me as the next, but until today I’ve never stopped to write them down.

(On a side note, I know there are a lot of great educational options out there, and that homeschooling isn’t for everyone. But it is for us, and here are some of my top reasons why.)

1. For my children to have a godly and biblical perspective in every aspect of their education.
2. To foster close family relationships. I love that we get not only quality time, but also quantity time to be together and build our relationships.
3. For the opportunity to nurture and cultivate their unique God-given strengths and interests.
4. To instill a lifelong love of learning.
5. Because it’s fun.
6. To have flexibility for unique learning opportunities, including field trips and traveling.
7. I want to spend every day with my children (at least most of the time 😉 They grow up fast, and I want to be there for it.
8. For them to learn without rigid schedules, for the sake of passing standardized testing, or to receive a good grade.
9. To learn to be self-motivated and eventually self-educated (so they can continue this throughout their lives.)
10. So they learn the things that are important to us like good character & moral values.
11. For my kids to have time to be kids. To play and imagine and explore and enjoy their childhood.
12. When they’re older for them to have time for hobbies and interests (sports, music, art, or whatever they love.)
13. So our schedule can work best with our lives. On days that Landon plays at Epcot he’s gone all afternoon & evening, so if the kids were gone in the morning they wouldn’t see him at all.
14. To meet like-minded families for my children to form friendships with.
15. So they become independent thinkers.
16. To preserve their innocence. There are plenty of things in the world that I don’t want them exposed to at young impressionable ages.
17. For their education in all subjects to be at their level, in their best learning style.
18. Because no other teacher will know my children the way I do, or care about them as much as I do.
19. For them to learn real life skills, not just “school” skills. Things like organization, working together, time management. How to cook, keep a house clean, and take care of each other.
20. I love learning with my kids. It’s bonding, mentally stimulating, and so enjoyable.

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