it’s christmas!

Or “the post with a million pictures of Christmas” 🙂

Starting with, our Christmas tree.

DSC_0118I love the way ornaments become like old friends we get to see again each year.
DSC_0181 Kaden spotted this little guy on Nana’s tree when we were visiting and he loved it so much she let him take it home.DSC_0194DSC_0200DSC_0123Mimi’s Christmas tree.DSC_0145 Sunday evening conversations.DSC_0156DSC_0196DSC_0216DSC_0336Christmas movies & Christmas snacks.DSC_0303DSC_0299Downtown to ride the “train” & watch the “snow”.DSC_0070DSC_0080He insists.
DSC_0087DSC_0115DSC_0141DSC_0175DSC_0257DSC_0242DSC_0274DSC_0284 DSC_0289DSC_0417Alia insisted on sitting next to Papa on the bench like a big kid, not on his lap like a baby.DSC_0348DSC_0355DSC_0375Wrapping presents.DSC_0438 Kaden picks the gift tag for each one & tells me what to write.DSC_0439In addition to Giant Baby, we have gifts under the tree for Roopstar, Ma, & Baby D. You know who you are 😉DSC_0442“Let’s wrap me in this one.”DSC_0448Getting ready for the Women’s Christmas Coffee at church 🙂DSC_0514 DSC_0534Playing Legos. All day ever’ day. They’re getting like a combined total of 9 new sets for Christmas. But whenever anyone asks what they like we tell them “Legos” & it’s true. DSC_0209The Christmas train. Another favorite.DSC_0011Christmas stories.DSC_0001DSC_0009Baking.DSC_0067DSC_0075Sugar cookies one night,DSC_0082Cinnamon rolls the next morning.DSC_0316DSC_0303 (1)I love it when my kitchen smells like this.DSC_0331And this. Kaden sleeping on Christmas Eve when he was one…DSC_0007And Alia yesterday, wearing brubba’s hand-me-downs. My Christmas babies <3 <3 <3DSC_0364

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