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Visit to Santa

Santa arrived at Disney Springs from the North Pole today, and we were so excited to go see him!

Alia got to business right away telling him that she’d like two candy canes in her stocking this year.20161111-DSC_8446 Then Kaden began his request for bunk beds as a joint gift for him & Alia. They discussed who would sleep on the top bunk & bottom bunk (Kaden will sleep on the top, because he’s older, and Alia doesn’t like climbing down ladders anyway), and that you’ve got to be careful of the ceiling when you’re on the top.20161111-DSC_8449 20161111-DSC_8450 20161111-DSC_8451After discussing their gift request, the kids told him “Now we have a couple of questions for you.” Alia asked how he gets in our house, since we have no fireplace (he has a magic key that works in our door’s lock. He asked if that was okay with her & she said yes.) And Kaden asked how our elf was doing at the North Pole (he’s well, and Santa told K to make sure to keep that little elf out of trouble when he arrives, because sometimes they like to get into mischief – K then told him about the time Arg ate all our Christmas cookies.)
20161111-DSC_8447 20161111-DSC_8448 And then Leo hopped in for a couple of pictures 🙂20161111-DSC_845220161111-Santa 2016

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