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Sling Diaries Audition: Courage

DSC_0423I read an awesome home birth story several months ago that made the remark how everything we do is motivated by either fear or love. The truth of that statement really inspired me to look at the way I approach my life in a more intentional way.


As I raise my children, I can parent out of fear, or out of love.

As I take care of my health, I can do so out of fear, or out of love.

As I create music, art, beauty, I can do so out of fear or love.


Fear of criticism, fear of others opinions, fear of failure, fear of regret. Or of love.

Love for my children. Love for my body. Love for my future, my world, my God.

Gator watching. A little reminder that the right kind of fear can be healthy 😉
DSC_0442-2 DSC_0410DSC_0420

And when I have the courage to push past fear and live a life of love, I am free.

DSC_0504 DSC_0526

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