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This is my first post on just life. I’m going to shoot to write an update on life every week, in addition to a health related post, & a recipe (it’s not all going to actually happen every week, but it’s what I’ll be aiming for.) I realized while reading some of my favorite bloggers that I really enjoy feeling like I know what’s going on in the writer’s life, not just hearing what she has to say. Plus I love taking pictures & writing about random stuff, so I think it will be pretty fun for me too. So this is my first attempt to give all of my wonderful readers a weekly update  🙂


I *really* love it when my house feels organized. Like, it genuinely makes me feel extremely happy & peaceful. Every once in a while we make a change to declutter & I don’t know how or why we ever did it any other way. My new favorite organization tool in our home are 3 baskets we got from Target to hold all the random stuff we stick on top of the fridge.



$8 a piece. And my fridge has had that terrible mess on it since we got married 2 1/2 years ago. That may be the best $24 I have ever spent.

I’ve learned that baskets are just really useful in keeping clutter contained. Last year I got plastic bins for under the bathroom sink for all the hair stuff, cosemetics, toiletries, & again, it was like, why didn’t I do this sooner?! But it’s better later than never, & I appreciate it more now.


LOVES juice. He’d never had any before because store bought is pasteurized & really more bad for you than good for you, but since we’ve been juicing we’ve let him try some of the fresh stuff & he loves it. Like the first time he put the stainless steel sippy cup in his mouth he didn’t take it out for at least 5 minutes. We were just cracking up at him.

And juice is a little messier than water, so sometimes he needs a bath after. But that’s okay, because then he gets to wear his duck robe, which he also loves.


Has had another flare up with his pancreas, so we went to the doctor today & he recommended that he pause on the juice fast for a couple days.  I’ll let you know when it’s back on.

Happy Wednesday!




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