Why I Blog

As I was journaling in bed last night after Kaden fell asleep I started to think about how we keep memories. Actually, I began thinking about it a few days ago when Kaden was watching some videos of himself from last year with my sister. Seeing him just last December shocked me at how much he’s changed. And how little I remembered about that time before seeing the video clip. They way he talked. How little he was. How short his hair was.

A couple months ago I came across the only photo I took at my brother’s graduation party (the year before I got my DSLR & went crazy with photography), and it made me realize that I really don’t remember much when I don’t take pictures. I know I was there, and I probably could have remembered where the party was, but besides those details nothing. Not who else was there, what we wore, what the weather was like, the menu, funny moments, anything. Which made me realize, maybe that’s why I love to take pictures so much. Instead of time fleeing away, I get to keep it forever. Faces I love, stages I don’t want to forget, details documented that I’ll have to treasure forever.

Journaling, blogging, making Shutterfly books, taking pictures, videos, writing in my Belly Book, they are all so meaningful to me because of that. I know that stringing together words & photos will help me see & feel these days years from now, as well as keep them for my children to have & remember as they grow. And that makes me happy.

I don’t want to forget the way Kaden’s hair curls at the back of his neck. Or how he runs to the fridge 43 times a day yelling “almond milk!” Or how when he wakes up from his nap the first thing he wants is “mom mom” & let’s me hold & rock him.

This blog started as a place where I thought I’d write about natural health & parenting, nutrition, etc. because I think they are important & sharing about it is really meaningful to me. While I still want to do that, over the past year it’s become a place where I get to share our family’s life as well, while documenting it to keep forever. And I really enjoy that too.

Sometimes it seems strange putting my personal life on the internet. But mostly, it’s just amazing. To be able to share thoughts & ideas, feelings & life with old and new friends and family anywhere in the world. I’m grateful to have this creative outlet, and am so thankful that you care enough to read πŸ™‚





  1. Keaton Webb

    June 23, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    Love this. Makes me think of the reasons I post pictures and blog. πŸ™‚ It’s just a great way to remember where you’ve been, to keep track of your life as it zooms by.

    1. TheThinkingMom

      June 23, 2012 at 4:11 pm

      Thanks, Keaton! I completely agree πŸ™‚

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