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terrible twos

Someone told me while I was pregnant that there was no such thing as “terrible twos”. That it’s just a myth. Well, as my two year old approaches three I can think of one way to describe that remark. A lie.

I had a wonderful conversation with a friend this week who has a son and daughter just about the same age apart as Kaden & Alia, but are now 7 and 5. Talking with her gave me such comfort and reassurance, I wanted to pass along some of her wisdom to you, as well as remember it for myself. What she said to me, and what I hope to be able to tell someone else in the future is…


My son was just like yours. Wild.

He will grow out of it.

You can spank or time out, but they really just have to grow. We spanked some but I kind of regret that now.

They just have so much energy. And when my son was young it was just physical energy. But now as he gets older it’s become intellectual energy, creative energy. He has so many ideas. And I really don’t want to take away his energy. We just need to help him channel it positively. Going outside, playing, running, burning it up. Sometimes when they’re little all you can really do is remove them from the situation.

I heard a quote recently that I wish I’d heard before, ‘Don’t punish your boys for being boys.’ It’s true. Girls are different. But they are both so wonderful.

He will be so much calmer once he’s closer to four, and after he’s five it’s a piece of cake.

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Kaden, although you ransack my freshly folded laundry, scale the kitchen counter in a split second, throw food, begin most of your sentences with “no”, take more joy in dumping your toys than playing, carry rocks into the house, and unmake the bed more times than I can remake it in a day, I love you just the same. I will not let you antagonize the dog, put yourself in danger, or grow up without manners. But I will try to understand you as I do my best to lead and guide you with gentleness and love. This crazy life wouldn’t be nearly as grand of an adventure without you. I love you, baby.

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Anyone have experience with wild little ones? Would love to hear your stories. Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

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