our life by Kaden & Alia, part 2

The kid’s camera filled up again this week, here are some of their captures from the past few months…

{part 1 here}

Driving to Christmas Eve service!20151224-IMG_2276 Hi, Pastor!20151224-IMG_2280 That’s my car.20160103-IMG_2352 Alia & her baby.20160103-IMG_2336 PSM is ready for a party.20160103-IMG_2387Roo & Alex were ready for this one.
20160103-IMG_2394 Out for a drive.20160105-IMG_2443Not the Loop again!!!
20160105-IMG_2445 Darth Maul.20160108-IMG_2463 I need more Star Wars Legos.20160114-IMG_2473 20160119-IMG_2505 20160119-IMG_2506 Mom’s belly is getting huge.20160306-IMG_2597 Kaden, why you on the floor?20160120-IMG_2532Look, it’s me!

20160129-IMG_2546 and my toys.20160129-IMG_2548 Kaden, what you doing?20160319-IMG_2615

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