little boys

“Little boys should never be sent to bed.

They always wake up a day older.”

~Peter Pan

20160719-DSC_9949 20160719-DSC_9959 20160719-DSC_9965

I read that quote on Pinterest the other week and it just sends a little pang to my heart. Because it’s true and I see it every morning.

And I’m so excited for them to thrive and keep growing and see who they become.

But I’d also like to hold them close and keep them little.20160719-DSC_9973 20160719-DSC_9974 20160719-DSC_9983

Every morning Leo wakes up early, and Kaden follows just a couple minutes after – he doesn’t want to miss any time with his baby brother.

I’ve been enjoying my mornings with them. 20160719-kAndL

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