If you give a girl a new sink fixture…

I’m on a bit of a home remodeling & cleaning kick lately. Very happy that our landlords agreed to get us a new sink fixture in the kitchen – the old one didn’t have a sprayer, which just kind of made clean up of everything, especially the juicer, a bit harder. So yesterday we picked out this beauty at Lowe’s.

It’s installation then prompted a thorough cleaning of our entire house, because…

If you give a girl a new sink fixture, she’ll probably want to shine the sink

Once she shines the sink, she’ll probably notice the toaster needs some shining too.

When she’s cleaning the toaster, she’ll probably brush away all the crumbs underneath it.

After she’s brushed under the toaster, she’ll feel the compulsive need to clean the rest of the counters.

When she’s wiping down the counters, she’ll probably notice all the crumbs sticking to her feet from the floor tiles, so she’ll have to vacuum the floor.

Since she has the vacuum out, she might as well vacuum the entire house.

Once she’s gotten to vacuuming the bathroom, she’ll realize that it’s overdue for a cleaning.

When she’s cleaning the bathroom, Mr. Mister (a.k.a. Kaden) will probably need to see what she’s doing.

When Mr. Mister comes in the bathroom, he’ll probably want to play in the toilet.

When he starts touching the toilet, his mom will (after thoroughly washing his hands) have to make him go back out.

When he’s separated from his mom, he’ll probably have a mild meltdown due to all the fun in the bathroom he is clearly missing out on.

When he starts his meltdown, his mom will probably call it quits for cleaning for the day, and get him ready for bed.

…Or at least that’s how it played out in out house last night 🙂

More home update projects to come!

In the meantime, we’re busy here with triple trouble – Kaden, Bella, & watching Jack for the week:

Welcome to the blog, Jack!

Happy Wednesday!



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  1. Faith

    August 10, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    So cute! Love it! 🙂

  2. Karen Perkins

    August 15, 2011 at 11:17 am

    That is triple trouble you can love!

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