I’m so happy to be back editing pictures on a computer! One of the kids fried my laptop with a cup of tea, but thankfully Landon can fix anything, AND had all of my files backed up in Dropbox, so now after a few weeks I’m back up and running!

I can’t even imagine if all my photos & videos had been lost. And we just moved them over to Dropbox a couple of months ago, thank God. So from this experience, I highly recommend having a good backup system!

Here’s a handful from our month of February. The kids have been sick, so we have missed just about everything on our schedule, but it’s given us a lot of nice time at home. We’ve been doing lots of reading and playing outside, which really makes for such nice days anyway.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day, my birthday, as well as Davis’s and Bella’s, and thankfully Alia was better in time to go to the Father Daughter dance! It’s definitely a highlight of her year, she talks about it forever before and after. This year she even got Landon a vest for his birthday, and a tie for Christmas, with the plan of him wearing them to the dance (and chosen because they would match the dress she wanted to wear.)

I took Kaden out to dinner while they were at the dance, and we had a nice little dinner date & time downtown too 🙂



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  1. Jenna

    March 9, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    Gorgeous photos!!! Great job on Alia’s hair, Auntie Faith!!!!

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