Family Dinner

Sundays have to be my favorite night of the week. It’s our “family dinner” night where we go to Mimi’s house, eat, and hang out. We look sales flyers, read books with the babies, catch up, browse Pinterest, discuss the next weeks plans, and question who’s making dessert. Most week’s it’s the only time we get the whole family together in one place. Landon occasionally gets called in to work at Disney, or once in awhile one of my siblings is out of town (Roo Roo was visiting a friend at Liberty this week), but for the most part we’re all there. And whenever we’re all together, it feels happy and special.

DSC_0058DSC_0209DSC_0069DSC_0214DSC_0241“hello?”DSC_0304DSC_0329His face after he hit the ball 🙂DSC_0356DSC_0359DSC_0422DSC_0455 DSC_0479I love the minions.DSC_0485DSC_0490DSC_0418katelyn signature

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