college gameday

There is a Saturday tradition in our house, beginning with the first college football game. We have pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, watch College Gameday on ESPN, make a big pot of white bean chili, & watch the Go Blue football game.DSC_1063

Kaden: “well, who’s gonna wear the little helmet?”DSC_1212Little Pooh Bear.
DSC_1159DSC_1137DSC_1164DSC_1173DSC_1113after nap snuggles.
DSC_1095DSC_1122DSC_1191DSC_1258 DSC_1264DSC_1334DSC_1198DSC_1283DSC_1162And we march. Kaden and Landon started this last year. They play Hail to the Victors and carry the flag around the room while singing along with the song.DSC_1300DSC_1301DSC_1302Still likes to yell :-ODSC_1317Go Blue!
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