8 weeks

Kjersti is 8 weeks old tomorrow!

She is the most pleasant, sweetest baby I could imagine. She just likes to snuggle, so I hold her all day. I love holding her. Sometimes when I have to lay her down she stays asleep in her SnuggleMe, and when she does I take the opportunity to clean the house, do something with the kids, or shower. She likes to be in the sling when I’m cooking, which works well, and when we take walks or go to church. She’s so content. All she wants is snuggles, and occasional dry diaper and food. 

I love stroking her soft little cheek with the back of my fingers, and tracing the outline of her tiny ear. Her hair feels like the softest feathers. 

She still sleeps almost all day, and always all night (she nurses a little in the bed, but because she sleeps next to me I don’t have to get up so that’s pretty nice.) We napped together every afternoon for her first month, and now on days that we need it. 

She just started smiling last week and it is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I love her happy little faces, her inquisitive eyes, the way she raises her eyebrows when I talk to her. 

We’ve been listening to lots books of audible (Alia puts Harry Potter on at least once a day), doing a fair amount of school with the bigger kids (honestly, more than I thought we’d get to with a newborn), baking pumpkin yummies, and spending time in the backyard. 

It’s been nice getting back to co-op and church, she’s happy to go wherever we go, and all our friends have been happy to meet her 🙂

Sometimes I look at Kjersti and Leo and feel like I’m back in time 7 years looking at Kaden and Alia. They look so much alike. I feel lucky to get another little boy and girl pair to grow up together, they’re so much fun. 

All her siblings adore her, and love to snuggle her, talk to her, give her kisses, and tell her stories (Leo’s are always about Super Mario Brothers – “Keestee, one time, in Super Mario Brothers…”) Kaden’s a big help with her, he picks her up when she’s crying if I’m busy and she always calms right down. She really likes him! And of course Alia is exuberantly happy to have her baby sister she’d been waiting and praying for for so long. 

She’s just so adorable, we all love her so much. Can’t imagine our life without her anymore! ❤️

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