Valentine’s Day

We had a really fun Valentine’s Day. With donuts and dancing and Ed Sheeran and long naps and lots of cards and family and hearts and giggles and cuddles. It was really nice.

20150214-DSC_1421 The kids got their little presents from Daddy when they first got up and were jumping up and down excited about them. They played with their new Legos while daddy made their heart shaped breakfast sandwiches.20150214-DSC_1436 20150214-DSC_143220150214-DSC_144620150214-DSC_150320150214-DSC_1466I got Landon a glass tumbler he’s been wanting from Sbux & pb cups (his favorite). He got me Ed Sheeran’s new cd, and it is really good. I knew Thinking Out Loud was good, but the rest is fantastic too. Have you heard Afire Love? It’s about his grandfather with Alzheimer’s and is one of the sweetest love songs/stories, and great music too. Ed Sheeran is my new favorite.20150214-DSC_1452 Kaden picked out these flowers for me and Alia at the store. He said he chose them because they would match her nightgown <320150214-DSC_1457 Mommy & Daddy’s breakfast. We only buy donuts once a year, and it’s for Valentine’s Day. They were pretty good.20150214-DSC_148420150214-DSC_1517 20150214-DSC_1519 20150214-DSC_1513 20150214-DSC_1556 20150214-DSC_1546The deer stopped by to say hello.20150214-DSC_1539 20150214-DSC_1575The babies went to play at Mimi & Papa’s while Landon & I went out to lunch.20150214-DSC_158820150214-DSC_159320150214-DSC_160120150214-DSC_160520150214-DSC_1609After Alia and I napped the whole afternoon, the kids got the puzzles I picked out for them. (Daddy always buys them toys, I always buy them educational stuff. But it’s so fun!) These puzzles (boygirl) are so cool! Kaden & Alia have done them at least 10 times already.20150214-DSC_162120150214-DSC_1623Then the family came over after dinner for dessert.20150214-DSC_1626Whenever a good song comes on it’s either “dance party!” or they run to get the little guitar and play along. 20150214-DSC_162920150214-DSC_165220150214-DSC_164120150214-DSC_165920150214-DSC_1656I made these chocolate lava cakes. The Pioneer Woman has never let me down.20150214-DSC_165520150214-DSC_1682And shortbread cookies/berries for the babes.20150214-DSC_166120150214-DSC_168420150214-DSC_168820150214-DSC_170720150214-DSC_1710Landon made Alia the little “Fly to the Moon” card. It’s from a song he wrote about & sings to her and all day yesterday she was hollering it out, “FLYYYYYYYY to the moooooon.”20150214-DSC_1713

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