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Trick or Treat!

Fall is my favorite, here are some photos of our happy halloween 🙂

Pumpkin carving with the family!20161030-DSC_7874 Alia wanted hers to look like “Pumpkin Moonshine“.  Little Sylvie Ann’s Grandpawp in the book didn’t have the advantage of power tools to help him out 😉20161030-DSC_780820161030-DSC_7815 20161030-DSC_7872 20161030-DSC_7849 20161030-DSC_789520161030-DSC_7900 20161030-DSC_7931I wanted to carve one like The Fierce Yellow Pumpkin – we found this book at the library, & liked it enough we plan to buy our own copy next year. The kids love it because it’s about 2 brothers & a sister who carve a pumpkin (so naturally they imagine it’s themselves in the future.)
20161030-DSC_7950Leo’s first costume of the day, from Kaden’s first Halloween.20161031-DSC_7960K got up before anyone else & decorated the house with homemade pumpkins, ghosts, & bats.20161031-DSC_7978Our little lion man!20161031-DSC_802320161019-DSC_642620161031-DSC_8037The fur was so strange to him, he was sticking his tongue out all night to feel it.20161031-DSC_8045Ready to Trick or Treat! (On a side note, I’ve realized I don’t get as many photos of K sometime, because he’s typically 10 steps ahead of me & never stops moving 😉 20161031-DSC_810820161031-DSC_813420161031-DSC_812520161031-DSC_8157Back home for “the big halloween party” (as they say in The Great Pumpkin.) Kaden insisted we bob for apples, which he & Alia found to be more challenging than they anticipated.20161031-DSC_820820161031-DSC_822020161031-DSC_825420161031-DSC_822220161031-DSC_8266Happy Fall!

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