it’s Christmas

We are so excited to celebrate Christmas in a few days!

Several times a week Leo motions over to me that he wants to tell me a secret, and then he whispers in my ear and says “on Christmas, we open, PRESENTS!” 🙂

He sings along with Oh Come All Ye Faithful every time it comes on the radio (even if it’s instrumental), it’s so sweet.

The kids have all been enjoying finding our elf, Arg, each day. Alia always wants to make a small portion of whatever we’re baking to leave out for him before bedtime. He is a cookie fiend, that little elf.

Kaden’s been filling each day with constructing his Christmas Lego village & reading a multitude of books.

We’ve all spent a lot of time in the kitchen, which is definitely one of my favorites during this season 🙂


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