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Christ the Savior is born

I watched The Nativity Story with Leo tonight and so enjoyed it. I’d never seen it but it’s been on my list to watch for at least the past 4 Christmases, and finally now got to it 🙂

I really enjoy things like that, that help you visualize and imagine what history may have been like. Sometimes I read something in the Bible and it’s hard to imagine the time period, so I love the mental pictures a movie can add. It was very well done too.

I feel so peaceful after watching it. Like, that’s Christmas. It doesn’t matter if we make every cookie on my baking list or if the presents under the tree are wrapped in coordinating color schemes or if our Christmas lights keep sporadically going out. Christ the Savior is born. Whether we bake, wrap, or light anything at all. That’s why we’re celebrating and that’s why we have this season of peace and joy. I just felt so happy and at peace.

I had been feeling a little anxious at times, like the days just keep flying by (especially since Leo’s averaging two 30 minute naps/day as his top teeth are coming in) and am I enjoying the Christmas season for everything it’s worth?

But the season’s not going to get away from me and it doesn’t matter what all I’ve “done”. Jesus is born. God is with us. So Glory to God! And on earth peace, good will toward men.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas ❤


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