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one last time

Has anyone noticed how Disney is using that phrase everywhere to promote the Osbourne lights this year? It’s so annoying. I just think, why don’t you renew them then?! I’m sure that whatever will eventually be going into Hollywood Studios will be great, but they’re sure getting rid of a lot of really good stuff in the meantime…

Anyway, last night we went out to the Osbourne lights. We’ve been annually for close to 10 years, I’ve lost count. They’re a great holiday favorite, and we had a lot of fun.

20151116-DSC_2249 20151116-DSC_2277 20151116-DSC_2270 20151116-DSC_227820151116-DSC_2322 20151116-DSC_2339 20151116-DSC_2355 20151116-DSC_2348 20151116-DSC_2392 20151116-DSC_236520151116-DSC_2395 Alia found all kinds of roped-off places that she shouldn’t be.20151116-DSC_2402 20151116-DSC_2442 20151116-DSC_240420151116-DSC_242820151116-DSC_2437(not pictured: Faith! She was at school 😛 )20151116-DSC_244920151116-DSC_2399Just before she fell asleep for a 10 second nap.20151116-DSC_245420151116-DSC_246520151116-DSC_2476Davis & my kids were looking at those necklaces all night, & Papa got them each one before we left. He’s the best.

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