20150317-DSC_3444We spent the afternoon & evening at Epcot yesterday after my Grandma flew in. It’s a great time of year to go, we love the Flower & Garden festival (especially the butterfly tent!)
20150317-DSC_3446 20150317-DSC_343320150317-DSC_3455 20150317-DSC_3453 20150317-DSC_3484 20150317-DSC_3465 20150317-DSC_3486 Taking notes.20150317-DSC_3494We saw some British rock in the U.K. (and got fish & chips for dinner – it was St. Patrick’s Day!)20150317-DSC_359720150317-DSC_352620150317-DSC_360420150317-DSC_3615The kids loved the show.20150317-DSC_364820150317-DSC_363620150317-DSC_355120150317-DSC_355320150317-DSC_3563Afterwards we visited with Winnie the Pooh, walked the countries, browsed the German toy store, and got lefse for dessert before we made it back for the last show & went home.20150317-DSC_368820150317-DSC_369020150317-DSC_370120150317-DSC_3718K is so impressed with pressed pennies.20150317-DSC_373520150317-DSC_374220150317-DSC_374920150317-DSC_358620150317-DSC_3752

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