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Christmas at Disney

We had our annual Disney Christmas day yesterday, spending the morning at Magic Kingdom & the rest of the day at Epcot. It was also Leo’s first time to Disney – he had a nice time!20161129-DSC_0208

His first ride was the carousel – big sister’s request – but an appropriate one. Shouldn’t all baby’s first Disney ride be the carousel? Leo liked it anyway 🙂20161129-DSC_0150 20161129-DSC_0182 20161129-DSC_0189 We watched the new castle show, which was really fun. Alia watched the whole thing from the stroller until Elsa came out, then she had to get up to sing & dance along with Let it Go.20161129-DSC_029120161129-DSC_0259The new Muppets show in Liberty Square was so cute too. Such a fun way to bring the Muppets into the park. Can you spot Landon with K on his shoulders?20161129-DSC_0324 Coffee break + park hop.20161129-DSC_036820161129-DSC_0372 20161129-DSC_0405 20161129-DSC_0446 Voices of Liberty.20161129-DSC_0454 They love the little train village outside of Germany.20161129-DSC_0554 20161129-DSC_0578 20161129-DSC_0595 Waiting for lunch.20161129-DSC_0634 20161129-DSC_0650 Biergarten, always one of the best meals of my year.20161129-DSC_0658 20161129-DSC_074320161129-DSC_0680Julenissen’s story in Norway is our favorite.
20161129-DSC_0787 20161129-DSC_0796 Kaden even got to help out as an honorary mischief-maker (appropriate.)20161129-DSC_081320161129-DSC_0820 20161129-DSC_083520161129-DSC_0821Father Christmas.
20161129-DSC_0895 Goodnight, Epcot.20161129-DSC_0858

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