Castles & Butterflies

Yesterday was Alia’s first visit to the Magic Kingdom.

IMG_2413Her first ride, the carousel.IMG_2427New Fantasyland is amazing. We spent our whole time at Magic Kingdom there and didn’t do all there was to be done. Really great imagineering.IMG_2447Be Our Guest restaurant was incredible. It felt like you were really visiting Beast’s castle in the movie. I loved all the details they included from the gargoyles to the artwork, the suits of armor lining the hall (Kaden did not like those), the music… I was very impressed.IMG_2473The ballroom was magnificent. There are two other rooms you can dine in as well, the West Wing & the Garden room. They were neat too. And lunch is counter service, so it’s not too pricey (for a theme park), and you can seat yourself.

My iPhone photos do not do this justice.IMG_2488It’s snowing out the windows. Kaden asked me “does that mean it’s Christmastime?!”IMG_2504The princess’s lunch.IMG_2511IMG_2578Alia liked Minnie. She tried to eat her nose.IMG_2624 IMG_2634Approaching naptime. I always notice how later in the day at Disney it seems like every kid has a melt down. Now that I have my own it’s obvious: they need a NAP!IMG_2655IMG_2675We got stuck on the top of the Dumbo ride for a few minutes. That was unpleasant, but we survived.IMG_2664Epcot

The Flower & Garden festival at Epcot is on until May 19. If you live here, you’ve really got to check it out. Tinkerbell’s butterfly tent was magical (and I don’t use that word lightly.) Beautiful flowers, folk music playing, tiny fairy houses, and hundreds of butterflies. We really enjoyed it.

Watching butterflies break out their cocoons.

IMG_2713IMG_2727Everytime we’ve read The Very Hungry Caterpillar for the past few months I told Alia how we would visit the Butterfly Tent at the Flower & Garden festival and she could see real butterflies. She liked them 🙂IMG_2715IMG_2730IMG_2718 IMG_2723 Fairy house.IMG_2721IMG_2726katelyn signature

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