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We went to see Santa at Downtown Disney (or Disney Springs I guess?) last night. We’ve been each year since Kaden was 6 months old, and it’s always a fun time. If you haven’t seen him you really should go. His eyes literally twinkle and when he chuckles “ho ho ho” I get goose bumps. He is the real deal.

This year was the first time we’ve ever had no line. It was fantastic, we just walked right up to see him. In the past we’ve never waited less than half an hour, and we always go before Thanksgiving, so I don’t know what the difference was.

Can you see how excited she was? She’s changed her mind about what she was going to ask for at least 4 times over the past few days 🙂santaSanta asked Alia if she’d sit with him, and she stopped, put her hands on her hips, & told him “well, I know what I want for Christmas!”20151118-DSC_2601 Discussing the details.20151118-DSC_2604 20151118-DSC_2605 20151118-DSC_2615 Afterwards Kaden remembered he’d been wondering how Santa got there, so asked him about it. Santa told K he flew in a small sleigh, since he didn’t need to pack any toys in it, and only brought 2 reindeer (Dasher & Dancer.) 20151118-DSC_2620Mission accomplished.20151118-DSC_2635

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