52 portraits


20150721-DSC_2627 20150721-DSC_2630 20150721-DSC_2631 20150721-DSC_2644 20150721-DSC_264520150724-DSC_2665Kaden / he has been choreographing a dance to Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Carol of the Bells & it’s very intense. A few still-motion shots from the routine.

Alia / waiting for cookies.

more from Christmas in July. This is our 2nd year observing the “holiday”, which we do by spending a day listening to Christmas music, baking cookies, setting up a small tree, & watching Christmas movies. It’s low-key, & fun 🙂

20150724-DSC_2652 20150724-DSC_2659 20150724-DSC_2667 20150724-DSC_2669 20150724-DSC_267720150724-DSC_2672 20150724-DSC_2687 20150724-DSC_2700 20150724-DSC_2707 20150724-DSC_2713 20150724-DSC_2722


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