Lake Louisa Camping

Last year we went “glamping” at Lake Louisa, and this year we decided to try out their cabins. We all really enjoyed it!

They have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, with a full kitchen, large screened in porch, big yard, & beautiful views. Everyone agreed that we’d like to make staying here an annual tradition, and that this time of year is perfect for it.

We played Yahtzee & King’s Corners, had lots of camp fires, read picture books, cooked our food, painted in our nature journals, watched birds, finished one audiobook & started another (The Hobbit is the upcoming RaR premium selection, it’s so good! We got the illustrated edition to read along with it, it’s also fantastic.)

We discussed that we should get a bike rack for our van before our next trip too, it’s a beautiful location for biking!

We did family photos on the lawn in front of our cabin on our first night, you can see them here 🙂

Our second night we had some visitors come out for dinner & a campfire.

I love how Lake Louisa State Park is so close to home but feels totally different, and immersed in nature.

Kjersti has been saying to me every day since we left “I need to go to Lake Louisa!”

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