So Long, Summer

We spent Labor Day at Anna Maria Island, and had such a fun time. I can’t say it was a relaxing time, because really nothing with a one year old is relaxing. But it was a wonderful time, the perfect way to end the summer.

Mom and Dad rented the cutest little house for their anniversary, and they invited us to come out for the day 🙂 We swam in the pool, grilled hot dogs for lunch, swam some more, tried twice to get Leo to nap (failed), sunscreened the kids (Leo loves “lotion”), & went to the beach! Leo was so tired by then he fell asleep in the ocean floating with me in an inner tube. I had stressed a lot mentally over when he’d be able to nap, but you know, I guess babies just will nap where and when they’re ready.

We swam in the pool again after the beach, shot foam arrows, ate supper, took outdoor showers, & got the kids all clean in their jammies before we drove back home.

I feel satisfied with summer. We’ve had a good time with it. Now we’re ready for fall 🙂

20170904-DSC_848220170904-DSC_8420 20170904-DSC_8468 1 year old + water = not relaxing20170904-DSC_8582 20170904-DSC_8593 20170904-DSC_8608 20170904-DSC_861120170904-DSC_8604 20170904-DSC_8621 20170904-DSC_8646 20170904-DSC_8658 20170904-DSC_8694 20170904-DSC_8735 20170904-DSC_8755 20170904-DSC_8773 20170904-DSC_8787 20170904-DSC_8807 Finally sleeping. He slept so hard he didn’t even wake up when waves splashed us in the face 😛20170904-DSC_8838 20170904-DSC_8847 20170904-DSC_905920170904-DSC_9174 20170904-DSC_9110 20170904-DSC_9116 20170904-DSC_912220170904-DSC_9163 20170904-DSC_920720170904-DSC_9203 20170904-DSC_9225 20170904-DSC_9264 20170904-DSC_9307 20170904-DSC_9330 20170904-DSC_9395

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