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I have been looking for a way to exercise consistently since Kaden was born. Before kids this was easy. But with kids, working fitness into my days has really been a challenge. 

About a year ago my friend Kelly lent me her Piyo DVD’s, and borrowed our T25 DVD set. I tried T25 one time and honestly couldn’t stand it. Some people love it, but I can hardly imagine a more miserable way to start my day. 

So I tried Piyo. I’ve been doing it for almost a year now, and I really love it. I feel good afterwards – strong, flexible, and healthy – but not in an overly intense way like I’m going to die. And I’ve really noticed improvement in my physical fitness. 

I can do tricep push ups now (a few!), my abs have gotten strong enough to do the roll up (whyyyy is that one so hard? And it’s not because I have a long torso, I don’t), and my posture has improved! That’s something I’ve been working on for years, but what I’ve realized is no matter how much I try to stand and sit up straight, when I didn’t have the muscular strength to support it, I really just couldn’t. So I was very happy to finally improve that.

I think the key to being consistent with fitness is to think about your personal schedule and preferences, and find something that works for you. 

Some people love to get out of the house & go to the gym. I like to stay home, and work out in a worthwhile, but moderately intense way, that leaves me feeling good afterwards, not wrecked. 

Strong, flexible, & healthy is how Piyo makes me feel.

Leo loves Piyo too. I workout right after breakfast (which I’ve found to be my personal best time of day) & used to pull his high chair to the living room so he was safe, out of trouble, & could watch me. Now he likes to be free  – down dog is his fave.

Alia likes Piyo as well, although she prefers Cosmic Kids Yoga.This is what working out at home with kids is really like – breaking up arguments while holding plank. 


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