our life in pictures, by Kaden & Alia

Early this year we gave the kids an old digital camera, and they both have loved using it to photograph whatever they feel like. Its 300 photo memory card recently filled up, so I imported the pictures to clear it out.

I was kind of amused at all their little captures – it was fun for me to literally see our lives from their perspective. Here’s a handful of my favorites.

Car ride from where Kaden sits.20150812-IMG_1932 20150812-IMG_1933 20150812-IMG_1936Alia wants a turn.20151010-IMG_2052-2Sense of placement.20150814-IMG_1939Playtime.20151021-IMG_2076-2Waiting for lunch.
20151104-IMG_2123Spirograph.20150812-IMG_1916Playing with Legos.20151202-IMG_2186Mom’s in the kitchen again.20151207-IMG_2190Idk.20151126-IMG_2172Water break.20151125-IMG_2153Dad’s working.20151102-IMG_2101Christmas tree’s up!20151125-IMG_2152Arg’s here!20151212-IMG_2206tea time.20151125-IMG_2154😛20151214-IMG_2219Time to eat again!20151208-IMG_2196<3 Legos20151006-IMG_2029-2Mom’s FaceTiming Grandma Teff. Better go get a word in.20151126-IMG_217320151212-IMG_2202Kaden’s reading.20151104-IMG_2127Merry Christmas!20151215-IMG_2221

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