Leo’s 3rd Birthday

Leo turned 3 yesterday! It was a fun day. It’s always my goal in making plans to make the birthday child feel loved and celebrated, and I think he did. 

We made avocado toast and smoothies for breakfast, two of his favorites. Then we finished some projects around the house and he helped with the tools. He rode sister’s scooter out front for awhile, and then opened his presents!  

He and Kaden were both extremely excited about his new foam swords, and enjoyed playing with them throughout the day. He looked very cute in his “Wild and Three” t-shirt too. 

Lunch was yummy, and the kids had lots of fun in the bounce house. 

At lunch someone asked him when he was going to open presents, and he told them “I already opened all me presents.” They told him to look behind him, where the pile of presents had magically reappeared with everything the family had brought. He was shocked, it was so cute. 

He wore his new matching hannajams with brother and sister to bed, they all looked so snuggly and cute.

And now he’s three!

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