We’ve had such a nice time in Iowa. It’s very beautiful here. Sunday night we all hung out in the backyard & the kids got to pick food from the garden. They loved it, here’s some pictures from our evening.

But first, I walked into Grandma’s house and the cat’s just on the table, staring me down like this. Freaked me out.20150920-DSC_9627

On to the outdoors… It’s so nice this time of year.20150920-DSC_9653 20150920-DSC_9673 20150920-DSC_9672 20150920-DSC_965820150920-DSC_9651That one time Clarissa walked on the wrong side of the house.20150920-DSC_967720150920-DSC_9680The whole day driving through Illinois from Indiana to Iowa Kaden talked about how he wanted to pick corn off a corn stalk.20150920-DSC_9694Then he got to!20150920-DSC_971620150920-DSC_9728We had a little bonfire.20150920-DSC_975420150920-DSC_973220150920-DSC_979120150920-DSC_978620150920-DSC_970420150920-DSC_979520150920-DSC_9781Nice night! I love the midwest <3

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