homey stuff

If my last post was the highlights of our year thus far, these are scenes from our normal days. Was going to put them both into one post but the length felt a bit ridiculous. So, on normal days, we…

Do puzzles.DSC_0097-4DSC_0335-3Trains.DSC_0549-3DSC_0856-4Read books.
DSC_0072-4 DSC_0258DSC_0434-3Cook stuff.DSC_0499-3DSC_0790Sleep in (only on the best days.)DSC_0698-4Talk with Pooh Bear.DSC_0530And a few randoms…DSC_0466-3

There once was a girl, who had a little curl…DSC_0048-4 DSC_0050-4 I love the way you can see the different colors in his eye here.DSC_0427-3And I know she’s 18 months now, but seriously? This one with the pigtails is a bit ridiculous.DSC_0691 DSC_0615-4DSC_0874-4Much love <3

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