field day

The weather here has been absolutely perfect lately. Can it just stay like this all year? Yesterday we spent the afternoon outside. Took some books and a blanket to the field, blew bubbles, went for a walk. It’s funny, I remember when we first moved to Florida how depressing it felt that there were “no seasons”. After seven years here, I can happily say that there actually are seasons. Not the extreme ones we had up north in Minnesota, but subtle changes in the weather, the leaves on the trees, patterns and rhythms consistent year to year. Right now, it is definitely spring.

DSC_0778DSC_0788DSC_0796I’m going to eat your camera!DSC_0770DSC_079810 days ago this tree was completely bare. I’d been meaning to get a picture of the little green leafs buds on it. They’re getting bigger everyday!DSC_0815DSC_0828Kaden (unbeknownst to me) playing in a fireant hill :-/DSC_0836Happy Tuesday!

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