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family portraits

We had these pictures taken when Leo was 10 days old. I was saying yesterday that he outgrew looking like a “newborn” around 6 weeks, he’s all “baby” in his looks now, so the photos of when he’s super tiny are even more special.

He looks so blond in some of these, his hair has definitely taken more of a ginger-tint since then – I’m curious to see what it ends up being! 20160529-DSC_0022 20160529-DSC_069820160529-DSC_0805 20160529-DSC_0075 20160529-DSC_077120160529-DSC_100020160529-DSC_067320160529-DSC_001720160529-DSC_094420160529-DSC_089620160529-DSC_098120160529-DSC_029220160529-DSC_071220160529-DSC_083920160529-DSC_0137

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