Dress shopping with Faith

Remember when we went dress shopping here with Clarissa?

Faith is getting married this fall, and found her wedding dress at Casa di Bella as well!20170506-DSC_5094 20170506-DSC_5102

This bridal shop has the small town feel that I wish more places in town did, both experiences shopping there were just wonderful. The owners are so nice, everything there is beautiful and comfortable, and it’s so convenient to be able to just run downtown for alterations!20170506-DSC_5113 20170506-DSC_5210 20170506-DSC_5243 20170506-DSC_5114 20170506-DSC_5248

Alia scoured the floor for “treasures” the entire time we were there, and found quite a few! Beads, sparkles, pearls. She was very happily entertained 🙂20170506-DSC_5282 20170506-DSC_5388 20170506-DSC_5391 20170506-DSC_5399 20170506-DSC_5396

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