Clarissa & Alex’s wedding

Clarissa & Alex’s wedding was so incredible. Every part was so much fun, from getting ready to the ceremony, the reception food was unbelievable, the party was crazy fun. Here are a handful of pictures from the day!20170317-DSC_1194 20170317-DSC_1188 20170317-DSC_1196We had a suite to get ready in & hair & makeup done by ChristinaLindsey (& Faith did Clarissa’s.)20170317-DSC_1200 20170317-DSC_1215 20170317-DSC_1226 20170317-DSC_1217 20170317-DSC_1265 20170317-DSC_1258 20170317-DSC_1329 20170317-DSC_1344 20170317-DSC_1356 20170317-DSC_1360 20170317-DSC_1369 20170317-DSC_1370And now I don’t have any pictures from the ceremony (I was otherwise occupied 😉 ) I can’t wait to see the pictures their wedding photographer Stephanie Dishman got. The weather was absolutely perfect, the flowers were unbelievably beautiful, and everything just came together so wonderfully.

The kids did a good job, when they reached the end of the aisle Alia still had half a basket of pink rose petals left, so stood there & threw out about 6 consecutive handfuls at the end. Kaden carried the real rings, & they did not get lost, so that was great too 🙂

A few quick shots from the iPhone while we were waiting to walk in for the ceremony!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I didn’t take any pictures at the reception either, but our friend Keaton Webb got these incredible shots 🙂

20170317-4I6A2108 20170317-4I6A2116 20170317-4I6A2109 20170317-4I6A2147 20170317-4I6A2183 20170317-4I6A2184

The dinner at the reception was delicious. The cake was Kaden & Alia’s favorite part. And then later we had late night snacks too! Soft pretzels with white cheddar cheese sauce, & blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. It was all so good.

Landon’s band Spin Cycle played live, & the dance was great. Leo slept on & off, but was happy in his sling until it all wrapped up when the clock struck 12 😉

Alex sang “Everything” by Michael Bublé to Clarissa, which was obviously adorable. Later on Davis & Alex sang the Rocky Road to Dublin too (it was St. Patrick’s Day!)

Clarissa was so beautiful, and it was so fun watching her and Alex, and all our friends from Minnesota and Florida and everyone else, having such a good time.

20170317-4I6A2260 20170317-4I6A2320 20170317-4I6A2334 edited 20170317-4I6A2358 20170317-4I6A2361 20170317-4I6A243920170317-4I6A242720170317-4I6A2441 20170317-4I6A245820170317-4I6A2459 20170317-4I6A2470

I said this in my speech at the reception, but I’m just so glad to have Alex in our family. Clarissa is the sweetest, kindest person I know, and I didn’t know how someone could possibly match up to her, but Alex does. He’s the most loving, genuine person. I am really so, so happy to have them both in our lives & in our family 🙂

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